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Rosenzweig Book

Each workshop attendee gets a FREE signed copy of Elizabeth Rosenzeig's influential book.

September 20, 2016: A One-Day Workshop Limited to Fifteen Attendees

This coming September 20, ATS will present a one-day workshop entitled “Improving UX Design for Alpha Anywhere Developers.” Created, in part, with assistance from UX expert Elizabeth Rosenzweig of the Bentley University User Experience Center, and author of "Successful User Experience", this workshop will showcase two of our top-flight instructors -- ATS's master instructor and COO Max Hammond, narrator of the weekly video series "Tips, Tricks, & Techniques" for Alpha Anywhere; and Scott Tepper, ATS's Head of Instructional Design.

Registration for the one-day workshop is $675, which includes continental breakfast, lunch and breaks, all workshop materials, a signed copy of "Successful User Experience", and transportation to Alpha DevCon 2016 at the end of the day.

Please contact John Potsidis at 1-508-649-4957 or email if you have questions about "Improving UX Design for Alpha Anywhere Developers".


Alpha Software Introduces Alpha Anywhere v4

Alpha Software's press release announcing the introduction of Alpha Anywhere v4 Tim Bochard, vice president of information technology, Glacier Water Services, and Alpha Anywhere V4 beta tester. “At Glacier, we want a tool that is not only fast and easy, but has no limits - Alpha Anywhere V4 has the horsepower to make it easy for us.”

The list of new capabilities in V4 includes:

  • Mobile optimized forms made possible through the new FormView Control and enhanced Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build integration
  • Digital ink and image annotation allowing users to capture handwritten notes, sketch and draw (with a finger, stylus or a mouse) on pictures or images, or add signatures in mobile apps.
  • Audio capture via a mobile device for dictating notes, equipment sounds, or recording customers’ comments at field locations within mobile apps with audio recorder controls.
  • Seamless access to device hardware including cameras, scanners, specialized hardware add-ons, recording, GPS, and video, to give developers the capability to utilize full mobile device features for automatic or rich data capture within their business apps.
  • Industry-leading offline capabilities, including client-side data caching, which allows mobile app users to store large amounts of data (GB) or rich media files when they don’t have a connection
  • Support for OData Web Services to connect Alpha Anywhere desktop, web or mobile apps to a wide range of corporate data sources and systems of record
  • Support for NoSQL (MongoDB), SQLite, and Amazon S3 Cloud Storage, giving developers the ability to leverage some of the most popular technologies in use today
  • Access to web sockets for direct messaging, which allows developers to push data instantly to applications in the field, such as auction sites, instant messaging and worker location tracking.
  • Performance and speed enhancements that speed throughput, enable UX components to load up to five times faster, and power Ajax callbacks on large UX components up to five times faster.

Read the full report at Business Wire.

Business Wire

Twin Peaks Research Announces New Focus on Onboarding Services”

March 7, 2016 ​S​udbury, MA ­ ­Twin Peaks Research (TPR), a provider of training, instructional videos and professional services, is expanding its mission to focus on customer onboarding services.

As part of this new focus, TPR will create custom onboarding programs for technology companies on a private­label basis. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that new customers can quickly move beyond their initial purchase of a product to a level of proficiency that leads them to a significant outcome within their first 90 days of ownership.

"It's no secret that fast­growing technology companies rarely have the bandwidth, experience or expertise to properly support and engage all their early­stage customers," says TPR founder and CEO Mark Flanagan. "As a result, these companies often suffer high attrition rates, low post­sale services revenue, and, in many cases, have to deal with a high level of customer dissatisfaction. Their revenues literally vanish like water pouring out of a leaky bucket."

David Skok, General Partner at Matrix Partners, recently pointed in his 'f​or Entrepreneurs'​blog, "If your Net Revenue Churn is high (above 2% per month) it is an indicator that there is something wrong in your business. At 2% monthly churn, you are losing about 22% of your revenue every year. That is nearly a quarter of your revenue!... As the business gets bigger, this will become a major drag on growth."

Flanagan notes that TPR has created a full portfolio of pre­ and post­sale services for developers of Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Software Corporation's rapid mobile application development platform. These services include a new customer onboarding program, live training courses, instructional video tutorials, one­on­one advisory services like mentoring programs, and enterprise support plans.

"Our training courses, programs and services have proven to be both commercially successful and very highly rated by Alpha's developer community. In a little more than two years, TPR has set a new standard for excellence among a very demanding customer base," says Flanagan. "Now we're prepared to extend our activities to additional emerging technology companies."

You can expect to see a steadily expanding portfolio of Alpha Anywhere­related products and services under a new name­­Alpha Technical Solutions (ATS). The new onboarding business will provide outsourced services to additional technology on a private­label basis as Twin Peaks Research (TPR).

About Alpha Technology Solutions
Alpha Technology Solutions (ATS), a TPR Company, enables software developers to get the most out of their investment in Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Software's rapid mobile application development platform, by providing them with high­quality, professional training courses, instructional videos and professional services. The Company’s products and services provide these developers with the knowledge and hands­on experience they need to create extraordinary business applications for the Mobile Era in the fastest, most efficient and cost­effective way possible. For more information, visit w​ww.alphatechnologysolutions.com.

Twin Peaks Research, LLC logo

About Twin Peaks Research
Twin Peaks Research (TPR) provides technology companies with the onboarding services they need to ensure that their customers can q​uickly move from their initial purchase decision to a level of proficiency that produces success and ongoing engagement with complex products in the shortest amount of time possible. These services, which TPR provides on an outsourced basis, include "Getting Started" programs, Level 1 technical support, remote learning options, instructional videos and video libraries, ongoing analytics, one­on­one advisory services like mentoring programs, and Proof of Concept (POC) development, among others. F​or more information, visit w​ww.twinpeaksresearchllc.com

Media Inquiries
Mark Flanagan, 508­-922-­7605

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InfoWorld Names give Alpha Anywhere a 2016 Technology of the Year Award

InfoWorld states: "Alpha Anywhere is a database-oriented, rapid app development tool that shines at creating Web and hybrid mobile apps that work offline. It allows developers to build good apps quickly, with surprisingly good performance and nativelike look and feel." See the full InfoWorld awards posting.


Forrester names Alpha Software leader in the mobile app dev category with the “greatest potential to empower non-developers”

Clay Richardson and John R. Rymer recognize Alpha Software as a key vendor in this “database apps” category and singles out the Alpha Anywhere low-code, rapid mobile application development and deployment platform for its “strong” mobile forms technology. Organizations are visiting the Alpha Software website at record levels and are reaching out to us with their needs for offline, mobile apps that integrate with corporate data. We agree, based on our customer experience, that these “database apps” are going to be the key mobility requirement that will drive the mobile app explosion in 2016 and beyond. Read the report.

Forrester Research
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What 2,000 Developers Reported in a Recent Survey

Alpha Software commissioned Bock & Company to survey 2,000 developers to find out which features developers and end-users consider critical to success. Developers and end-users want rapid delivery of mobile app solutions to improve business practices, creating better experiences for their customers, partners and employees. Feel free to download the survey and review it in detail — some of the findings just might surprise you.


A New Tips, Tricks and Techniques Video EVERY WEEK!

Alpha Anywhere Super-Guru Max Hammond is delivering a valuable new video to our subscribers every week, with nitty-gritty details on how to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of Alpha Anywhere.

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This week's video: Centering an Object within a Panel Card.

Here is a sample list of topics that have been covered in this subscription over the past months:

  • Connecting to a VPN
  • Scheduling Alpha Anywhere Item Runtime
  • Looking Up City and State Using a ZIP Code
  • Using Regular Expression for Field Validation
  • Creating a "Remember Me" Login
  • Developing Dynamic Button Behaviors

In this recent video, Max explains how to convert static lists into SQL tables.