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Learn how to create world-class mobile business applications in a live ATS training class.

Ask experienced developers about the fastest way to master a new development platform and you’ll almost certainly hear that intensive, classroom-based instruction is their top choice.

The Alpha Technology Solutions classroom experience delivers small classes, two experienced instructors, a well-crafted curriculum, deluxe conference facilities, and flexible scheduling. You can sign up for one or two weeks at a time; or, you can take advantage of our special offer for our comprehensive “Complete Training Program.”

If you prefer, we can customize an approach for you that is designed to help you achieve your development goals. 

“I was able to implement what I learned immediately when I returned to my workplace,” one of our recent attendees told us. Her experience is typical of the fast, practical results that our live approach generates – guaranteed, or your money back!

Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course

5 days • $3525 Certification included*


Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course

5 days • $3525 Certification included*


Alpha Anywhere: Complete Training Course

10 days • $6050 Certification included*


Alpha Anywhere: Online Training Options

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 *Attendees are eligible for certification once they have successfully completed both the Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course.


The Complete Alpha Anywhere Curriculum

Developers Course

1. Getting Ready for Development
Prepare your Alpha Anywhere development environment, including data resources.

2. Creating a Data Entry Component
Get to know the essentials of Alpha Anywhere development.

3. Creating a Component to Execute a Report
Define an event triggered by a user action.

4. The List Control
Alpha Anywhere's primary control for displaying multiple rows of data.

5. Creating a mobile business application
The controls and events that deliver an application on a mobile device.

6. Expanding application flexibility with arguments
Referencing values from user input and/or other controls.

7. Deploying a mobile business application
Making an application available to users.

8. Handling disconnected/offline applications
Controls and events for data updates, synchronization, and update conflicts.

9. Securing Alpha Anywhere applications
Implementing Alpha Anywhere's Security Framework for authentication and authorization, from login to control use.

10. SQL Update and Delete operations
Controls and events for data update operations.

11. Layout-table Reports
An additional report design mode for generating reports quickly, simply, and easily.

Advanced Topics Course

12. Enhancing the Mobile UX
The best-received mobile business applications allow more compound presentation of data windows, and respond to whatever device the user holds. Develop a more flexible and complex mobile UX by incorporating Panel Layout and Responsive Layout.

13. Handling “disconnected applications”
Controls and events for more and varied disconnected scenarios. A deeper exploration of the Detail View, how to present data from multiple tables, and synchronization options.

14. Creating hybrid mobile business applications using Alpha Anywhere / PhoneGap integration
Develop hybrid mobile business applications that access the native features of any device.

15. Server-side Event programming
The tools and techniques for when it’s time to move beyond “coding-optional”. By integrating an API, explore server-side Xbasic, returning values to the client, Xbasic Modules, and the “e” object.

15.5  Debugging Alpha Anywhere applications
While developing server-side functions, use a built-in Debugger to resolve execution difficulties.

16.Integrating third-party data
Increasingly, mobile business applications need data that comes from Web services or other data sources, and need to present that data differently that its source offers it. Working with a Web data source, explore API execution, client-side templating, JSON, and bringing it all together on the mobile device.

17. Mobile-optimized forms
Implement features and controls that make the tablet an effective work platform, especially for field service scenarios.


Clarence M.

"The Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course that I attended were excellent. The teaching approach that was taken in both was extremely effective. We covered a tremendous amount of material in each course, yet there was still plenty of time for questions and to discuss related topics." 

- Clarence Martin



Sarah M.

""The Alpha Anywhere training offered a comprehensive overview for anyone who has not yet used the platform to develop mobile business applications. The course material was excellent and well presented. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and effective at introducing a significant amount of critical information to the class. I was especially pleased to see that they had already developed and deployed mobile applications using the PhoneGap integration that had just been introduced in the latest release of Alpha Anywhere. Without question, the course was extremely helpful. I know that I will be able to apply everything I learned to our ongoing development effort."

- Sarah Mitchell

W Hudson S

"I want to thank the Alpha Technology Solutions instructors for the excellent courses they conducted. Both the Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course provided me with exactly what I was looking for and more.

Following the training I went back to a project that I had started to track specialized medical expenses and credits. The training that I received, along with the demos that were highlighted during that training, provided me with both the skills and insights that have allowed me to move this project quickly toward completion with far more features and capabilities than I had ever considered before.

Thanks again for the outstanding curriculum and your willingness to share your knowledge and development expertise with me. It was an invaluable experience."

- William Hudson

Kevin M

"I wanted to attend the Developers Course but my work schedule prevented me from traveling to Boston. I contacted Alpha Technology Solutions (ATS) and they told me about their online training option.

Weeks later I had not only completed the Developers Course, but the Advanced Topics Course as well. I came away from this training with a solid understanding of Alpha Anywhere's key features and capabilities, and also about how to use Adobe's PhoneGap Build to develop and deploy robust and secure mobile business applications. I can highly recommend any of ATS's training courses taken with this 'one-on-one' approach."

- Kevin Mullins

If you are interested in creating your own online training course, based on some of the components included the Alpha Anywhere curriculum, please contact Max Hammond by email; or, call him directly at 859-537-0354. He will help you customize a program that fits your specific training needs.



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