"I wanted to attend the Developers Course but my work schedule prevented me from traveling to Boston. I contacted Alpha Technology Solutions (ATS) and they told me about their online training option.

Weeks later I had not only completed the Developers Course, but the Advanced Topics Course as well. I came away from this training with a solid understanding of Alpha Anywhere's key features and capabilities, and also about how to use Adobe's PhoneGap Build to develop and deploy robust and secure mobile business applications. I can highly recommend any of ATS's training courses taken with this 'one-on-one' approach."

- Kevin Mullins

"I want to thank the instructors and the staff at Alpha Technology Solutions for providing an exceptional learning experience for the Alpha Anywhere development platform. I would strongly recommend these training courses to anyone who wants to quickly move their expertise with Alpha Anywhere to the next level."

- Frank Zwolinski

"I was very much impressed by the amount of coursework that was covered in the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course, without rushing through any of it. The curriculum was excellent and so were the instructors.

The most significant feature of this course was that it was very interactive (we were actually practicing while we were being taught, unlike other training courses where we just sat through the class listening to the instructor).

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and was able to implement what I learned immediately when I returned to my workplace."

- Sagrika Mehta

"The Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course that I attended were excellent. The teaching approach that was taken in both was extremely effective. We covered a tremendous amount of material in each course, yet there was still plenty of time for questions and to discuss related topics." 

- Clarence Martin

"I want to thank the Alpha Technology Solutions instructors for the excellent courses they conducted. Both the Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course provided me with exactly what I was looking for and more."

Following the training I went back to a project that I had started to track specialized medical expenses and credits. The training that I received, along with the demos that were highlighted during that training, provided me with both the skills and insights that have allowed me to move this project quickly toward completion with far more features and capabilities than I had ever considered before.

Thanks again for the outstanding curriculum and your willingness to share your knowledge and development expertise with me. It was an invaluable experience.

- William Hudson

"At this stage, I've taken both of the Alpha Technology Solutions training courses: the Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course. As a result, I am now in the process of re-designing my Enterprise application and changing my basic approach to development. I HIGHLY recommend taking each one of these courses. Alpha Technology Solutions' training facility gets an A+ rating. More importantly, I'd give the instructors for each one of the courses an A+ rating as well. They were not only available to step me and my classmates through the excellent course material, but they were also available to help me during breaks and outside of class with programming issues that I had been struggling with. Thank you Alpha Technology Solutions!"

- Chuck Stewart

"The Alpha Anywhere: Mobile Framework Course offered a comprehensive overview for anyone who has not yet used the platform to develop mobile business applications. The course material was excellent and well presented. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and effective at introducing a significant amount of critical information to the class. I was especially pleased to see that they had already developed and deployed mobile applications using the PhoneGap integration that had just been introduced in the latest release of Alpha Anywhere. Without question, the course was extremely helpful. I know that I will be able to apply everything I learned to our ongoing development effort."

- Sarah Mitchell

"Anyone can learn the basics about Alpha Anywhere on their own. But learning about the platform's full range of features and capabilities the correct way is essential to building a strong foundation for your development effort. The Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course gave me exactly what I needed to take full advantage of the platform. In fact, they exceeded my expectations. Awesome!"

- Joe Diciacco

"The Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course that I attended was excellent. The course content and the course materials were exceptionally good. The tips, tricks and techniques that were offered during the course were invaluable. The instructors were quite good as well (and I know something about teaching!). Everyone involved in this effort did a very fine job. There is no question that I got my money's worth. I genuinely thought that every aspect of the course was exceptional."

- Prof. Howard E. Abrams

"I attended the Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Courses. In short, the instructors were first rate (and I don't give out compliments lightly). They were smart, knowledgeable, patient and accommodating.

It's an important 'teaching moment' when sometimes things don't exactly go according to script during in-depth training courses like these. It helps the students see how the instructors go about figuring out real world problems themselves. And, our instructors provided a reliable blueprint for doing just that.

In summary, the Alpha Technology Solutions training courses are definitely worth attending."

- Peter J. Kraljic

"Simply stated, the content and depth of the Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course was everything that Alpha Technology Solutions had said it would be. The time spent was an excellent and enriching experience and one that I highly recommend to Alpha beginners as well as advanced users like myself.

In my opinion, Alpha Software makes the best development platform for business applications on the market; and, it's now clear to me that the Alpha Technology Solutions training courses are the best way to learn how to take full advantage of the Alpha platform's development capabilities.""

- Jim Smith

"Having been in the software industry for over 20 years, I have attended many seminars, lectures, training sessions and conferences. So I can say with some authority that the Alpha Technology Solutions training courses I attended were outstanding; and, the instructors were passionate, well spoken, and, above all, effective at furthering the knowledge, understanding and promise Alpha Anywhere. They were always willing to take the extra time during breaks or after class to further explain a concept or help solve a problem. In fact, even after the training courses were over, I had the feeling that they were people who I'd be able to rely on."

- Peter Constantino

"I was delighted to attend your class last week. We had excellent instructors. Before arriving I thought that I was going to be left in the dust as I am just a beginner. However, I found that the way in which the instructors 'double teamed' the class gave me the attention I needed without slowing down anyone else. It was intimidating at first, given some of the advanced developers taking the “Developers Course” course with me... that was until I realized they had similar questions to mine. All in all, the instruction cleared up a lot and caused me to get into gear and start developing. My strong recommendation is that anyone who is a beginner with Alpha Anywhere should attend the Alpha Technology Solutions training courses."

- Forrest Ferrill

"I truly appreciated the way that our instructors passed along their knowledge about Alpha Anywhere to us. I learned a lot during the Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course about what Alpha Anywhere is capable of providing developers. I know that I'll be able to put to use everything that I learned. And, I can always rely on the great course materials that were provided. 

My only concern is that the words (my inability to find the right English words, anyway) won't do justice to the great teaching that we received during the courses. It might sound like a cliché but it's the honest truth."

- Sime Antanasov

"The instructors did a terrific job in the Alpha Anywhere: Advanced Topics Course. Since the class, I’ve changed the application that I use in my business to include the updated approach that I learned in during the course. This class was a profitable investment and I will be back for more."

- Lee Vasic