Register for our VIP Guided Tour... and test-drive Alpha Anywhere today!

You wouldn't buy a new car without taking it for a spin on the highway - and we believe that a powerful, feature-rich development platform like Alpha Anywhere should get the same kind of real-world, hands-on scrutiny.

That's why we've created our new VIP Guided Tour program. Instead of watching a canned demo, or viewing a long list of brief video descriptions, you'll actually get to build a small, but very real, application yourself.

Alpha Anywhere Experience
You'll see how Alpha Anywhere’s components work together, and you'll get a feel for whether the platform has all the power and flexibility you need to develop your mobile business applications.

Best of all, you'll be working side-by-side with one of our expert instructors, not a sales rep. Our instructors have built highly complex business applications for all kinds of companies, in a wide range of industries. They know the Alpha Anywhere platform in intimate detail; and, you can ask tough technical questions and be confident that you'll get a straight answer. (Imagine test driving a new sports car with an experienced auto mechanic in the seat next to you. That's what you can expect.)

We'll also make sure we match you up with a test-drive guide who has relevant experience with the kinds of applications you'd like to build. We'll start you off with our highly-rated "Getting Started" video, to give you an overview of the Alpha Anywhere’s key features and capabilities environment. Then the real fun begins!

Note that the VIP Guided Tour is free, at least for now. Alpha Technology Solutions doesn't sell Alpha Anywhere licenses, and we don't earn commissions if you decide to spend money with Alpha Software Corporation.

We do hope that you'll come back to us for training and other post-sale services if you decide to adopt the Alpha Anywhere as your application development platform of choice . But that's entirely up to you.

To schedule your VIP Guided Tour, please fill out the brief form on this page. You'll hear back right away from Max Hammond, Alpha Technology Solutions’ COO, who'll be able to answer any questions you might have.

Enjoy your test drive!


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