Cloud Solutions for Alpha Anywhere

Simply put, Cloud Computing is based on the internet. As a result, we believe that, over time, the Cloud is going to have a profound impact on the way that Alpha Anywhere developers build, deploy, maintain, and update their mobile business applications.

It will not only dramatically increase efficiency, flexibility and security but it will provide other significant benefits such as:

  1. Automatic software updates.
  2. Minimal project start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses.
  3. Employees being able to do their work anytime, anywhere, and on any smart computing device.
  4. And finally, Cloud Computing will dramatically increase collaboration, enabling employees to sync up and work together in real time.

This why Alpha Technology Solutions has partnered with Zebrahost

ZebraHost specializes in providing Cloud-based solutions for Alpha Anywhere developers. As Alpha Anywhere's key features and capabilities evolve, the Cloud-based solutions and services that ZebraHost offers will evolve with it:

Cloud Solutions

ZebraHost’s Cloud solutions offer redundant and scalable infrastructure in some of the world’s most advanced datacenters.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Cloud Solutions can be hosted by ZebraHost in three different ways: Windows Managed Cloud Servers, Flexible Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Enterprise Private Cloud Solutions. There is no need for additional IT Infrastructure and internal support staff when ZebraHost can manage these solutions for you. Find out what works best for your business.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Instances are available with two types of storage: Local and SAN. Local storage offers higher performance but only two drives and lower storage capacity than the SAN Instances. SAN Instances can have up to 5 drives.

Hybrid Solutions

A Hybrid Cloud Solution utilizes resources from both dedicated servers and virtual servers to work as one network. The virtual machines and dedicated servers can all be in one or more datacenters and can include on-premise servers in the network.

Every Hybrid Cloud Solution is completely customizable to meet the resource requirements of the application. Please contact Zebrahost directly and they will consult with you to ensure that you get the Hybrid Cloud Solution that is right for you.

Alpha Anywhere Services

Plans for Small Alpha Anywhere Applications

Plans for Medium Alpha Anywhere Applications

Dedicated Servers for Alpha Applications

Standard Load Balancing for Alpha Anywhere Applications

High Performance Load Balancing for Alpha Anywhere Applications

We at ATS would encourage you to share your particular business challenge with ZebraHost. They'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the benefits of Cloud Computing and can provide you with a detailed overview of the Cloud-based solutions available for Alpha Anywhere developers.

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