Advisory Services


In addition to our classroom-based training courses, we provide highly interactive, personalized advisory services that will help extend your mastery of Alpha Anywhere:

  • Remote Learning: Even experienced developers sometimes “hit the wall” as they implement specific Alpha Anywhere features. With our Remote Learning option, we can customize an advisory services program that gives you exactly the support you need, whenever you need it. For instance, if you need to learn more about Alpha Anywhere’s latest security features, UX coding, cloud hosting, or other capabilities, you and your instructor can put together a personalized schedule of remote learning sessions to cover the material you’ve selected. Or, if you’re not sure what issues are likely to surface as you develop your application, your instructor can provide on-demand advice, relevant training and support.
  • Application Design & Prototyping: Alpha Anywhere is such a rich development platform that developers often overlook advanced features that can dramatically enhance the applications they’re creating. That’s why we offer an advisory service to review your preliminary specifications or prototype and identify opportunities to make the application richer and more robust. Our instructors work closely with Alpha Software to preview new technology and enhancements, so they’re usually well acquainted with how to incorporate state-of-the-art features into your new Alpha Anywhere application.

Our online training courses are available at the same price of our classroom-based courses. Our advisory services are generally available in ten-hour blocks of time ($2,500, payable in advance through PayPal). If you set up a schedule of remote training sessions, a ten-hour block of time will usually cover a month’s worth of sessions. If you choose on-demand advisory services, you’ll simply draw on your individual block of time as needed.

Note that these Advisory Services are designed to provide instruction and advice, not outsourced contract development services. As a general rule, your instructor will explain and demonstrate Alpha Anywhere features and capabilities, provide development tips, tricks and techniques, and cover important development-related topics. However, the instructor will not actually create product requirements, development schedules or budgets, write code or design, develop, or test actual Alpha Anywhere-based business applications. In the event that you need more extensive development services like these, you and the instructor can arrange a Contract Development Agreement that is separate from the scope of services outlined here.

If you have any questions about setting up an Advisory Services relationship, or would like to discuss these services in more detail, please contact Max Hammond, our COO, at or call him directly at 859-537-0354.