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Extend your mastery of Alpha Anywhere

Our expert instructors can show you how to harness the astonishing power and capabilities of Alpha Anywhere - with your choice of live training, video instruction or one-on-one advisory services.

Free Video: Getting Started with Alpha Anywhere

A comprehensive overview of Alpha Anywhere’s key features and capabilities


A VIP Guided Tour of Alpha Anywhere

A personalized opportunity to quickly build a real Alpha Anywhere application with guidance from an ATS instructor


Chuck Stewart

Chuck Stewart

"The instructors at Alpha Technology Solutions made it possible for me to move to the highest level of programming with Alpha Anywhere."


Sagrika Mehta

"I was very much impressed by the amount of coursework that was covered in the class, without rushing through any of it. The curriculum was excellent and so were the instructors. The most significant feature of this class was that it was very interactive (we were actually practicing while we were being taught, unlike other training courses where we just sat through the class listening to the instructor). I thoroughly enjoyed the training and was able to implement what I learned immediately when I returned to my workplace."

Frank Zwolinksi

Frank Zwolinski

"I want to thank the instructors and the staff at Alpha Technology Solutions for providing an exceptional learning experience for the Alpha Anywhere development platform."

Joe Diciacco

Joe Diciacco

"The Alpha Anywhere: Developers Course and the Advanced Topics Course gave me exactly what I needed to take full advantage of the development platform. In fact, they exceeded my expectations. Awesome!"

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